Savoie is the perfect terroir for nurseries


Its rich soils that can be easily watered, as well as its favourable climate, make Savoie the perfect place for growing many different vine plants that are delivered all around the world.



Ancestral know-how

Successive generations have contributed to the development of this family estate. Through Albert, then Claude and now Benjamin, the Vendange family perfectly masters all the stages of the production process.
Our dynamic and innovative business has a single motto: satisfy our customers to guarantee high quality plants. 
We own a large collection of stock nurseries containing scions and rootstocks, so we can guarantee the origin of our vineyard plants, and select from a vast range.
We have been working with growers from all around France for a great many years, and we always keep a very close eye on our plantation. We also provide agronomic and oenological advice to guide you through your choices.



Domaine Vendange Vins de Savoie - La pépinière

Production stages in the life of a vine